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Setting up http:\\www for a local server

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  • Setting up http:\\www for a local server

    Hi guys,

    Im a little confused and could do with some clarification please. I understand the difference between http://website and http:\\ where by the second is a subdomain of the first.

    I have a webserver on the internal network, to access the page I go to http:\\servername - great that works fine. But if I go to http:\\www.servername that doesn't work - ok no problem, but Im trying to create a link from another site to this which only accepts http:\\www.servername as links.

    Can anyone tell me where Im going wrong please and how to set this up? If Im not clear or you need more info please say so.

    Thank you

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    Re: Setting up http:\\www for a local server

    To get www.servername you would have to have servername as a domain, then www as an A record, which you wouldn't want to do.

    Is this the server part of AD?

    You could have www.domainname.local (or whatever you domain is) providing it's not in use.

    or www.servername.domain.local (but you would have to had a default record for server name), and could get complicated.

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