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  • Password recovery text file


    I am trying to crack a zip file I created several years ago. The password is about 12 characters long. I've tried the passwords we often used during the time it was created but have not had any luck.

    I've tried using a password cracking program. I let the program run overnight so it could generate a password list from alphanumeric characters, upper and lower case, and it got to zZzz after 7 hours (it claimed 6 million passwords had been generated).

    Does anyone know of a resource that has text files available for download with word lists (string lists, really).

    Or, does anyone know of a reliable utility that allows you specify the length of a password so the generator will create strings of that length only (as opposed to starting at a, then aa, then aaa).

    Doing a search is not very useful as there is so much dross in the results.

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