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Software for Sysadmins ?

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  • Software for Sysadmins ?

    Hello, is there any kind of software , or how do the senior system/network admin save the network information, hardware, printers, switch, ip addresses, logins and password , mails etc etc ? Excel best thing ?

    Kevin Guerreiro

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    Re: Software for Sysadmins ?

    Really whatever floats your boat.

    Anything in AD is self documenting, but Excel, or SharePoint for other lists
    Visio for networking diagrams, and back of envelope if needed.

    I always keep paper copies of critical information (anything I may need to get a downed system back up)
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      Re: Software for Sysadmins ?

      Excel is an easy way to start, but you will grow out that very quickly. I would look for a decent CMDB depending on your budget.
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        Re: Software for Sysadmins ?

        Hey guy's, thanks for your answers. Ive been looking for some software, and i saw this keepass software for macosx, iphone ipad compatible, and seems to be what i need. Been looking for CMDB and found some opensource web based, going to have a look. The soon i find something nice i will write the result down here.

        Best Regards


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          Re: Software for Sysadmins ?

          you could even (GASP!) code something up in Access to do this.

          or look at something like Naverisk, Labtech or N-able. They give you far more than just asset control though, and cost more accordingly.
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            Re: Software for Sysadmins ?

            you could even (GASP!) code something up in Access to do this.
            And you could do that by learn about Access from the excellent Train Signal Access Labs by the BRILLIANT Heather Ackmann.
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              Re: Software for Sysadmins ?

              Just my 2(choose your currency here) worth.
              Before you even get to using tools - choose a system, names tell what you are looking at S for Server, W for workstation, P for Printer, V for VM etc.
              F1, F2 etc if on different floors, B1, B2 in different buildings
              Then choose your IP addresses accordingly, if you use class C then .1-20 for servers, .50-199 for workstations, .200-219 for printers, .240-254 for switches, routers, firewall and other network equipment, for example

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