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Default programs loosing data

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  • Default programs loosing data

    Hi there,

    I have a very strange thing happening with my "default programs".
    On a 2008 server (RDT) I have Nitro set up as a default program for pdf files.
    Users log in remotely and when they try to open a pdf file it works just fine.
    But every now and then, they receive this message: " no program associated with this file type".
    I look under default programs, and for pdf it says unknown program, I change it back to "Nitro" it works for a while and then same problem, default info for pdf is lost.
    It only happens for the remote users ...

    Any suggestions ? It is very strange ... I log into the server under each individual
    user, set the default for pdf, works for one day, week ... and then back to the same problem.

    Thanks for your help, Alex

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    Re: Default programs loosing data

    You shouldn't have to log in as each user to reset their file associations, if that's the only place those profiles are used. The file association should be set, based on what's installed on the RD server. Assuming that's true, something on that server is affecting the file association.

    If the same users are logging on to other servers remotely, and the same RD profiles are used, settings on those servers could be changing that association with PDFs.

    Is it always the same RD users who have this issue, or is it all of them? Is this happening only after Windows updates are applied, or maybe after the RD server is re-started for some reason? Answering these may help track it down.
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