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windows /msn messenger problem

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  • windows /msn messenger problem

    i have a user in messenger.
    when i try to connect to it, i get an error messege, saying that maybe i have a firewall blockage, (which i don't). i'm not using any firewall on this computer.

    even when i format the computer, and install a clean windows, i still can't get into the messenger (with any user).

    in another computer, i can get into the user's messenger.

    i thought it could be a hardware problem, so i replaced the memory, net card, and even the display card.

    what else can i check?

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    Re: windows /msn messenger problem

    ferther more,

    when i click the troubleshoot, all the tests ar O.K.

    the error messege is 80048820


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      Re: windows /msn messenger problem

      Tried looking here.

      (look at the first link)
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