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    I need to find a compute by geographical location on our company network. Here is the situation: we have many branch offices each with a different IP subnet. However, some of those IP addresses are mixed into the main corp HQ because things here are a little screwed up...

    need to run a script/batch file that will install and update my company's product. But, we need to maximize the efficiency of running this script depending on what office the computer is actually in at the moment. For example, if the laptop user is in NYC, then the script will use the NYC database server. If the laptop is in Europe, then the script will use the database server in Europe, etc,

    So, we need a quick and easy way to determine where the computer is physically located at the moment, keeping in mind that the computer will roam throughout the company's branch offices.

    As I said, IP addresses cannot be the main source because one of the branch offices' IP addresses are mixed in with corp HQ.

    Basically, how else can one determine the physical location of a computer?

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    Re: How to Find a Computer

    How's your network setup. i'm assuming 1 domain so you can't do that. how about using which domain controller the pc is connect to to determine the location.
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      Re: How to Find a Computer

      We had a similar issue and how we fixed it was we setup sites for each branch and turned on DHCP for each branch and set all PC's to DHCP. Once that was done IP would tell you where the PC is. We had a startup script that ran and set the client PC's to DHCP so we wouldn't have to visit each keyabord.

      Hope this helps.