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  • Dynamics CRM 2011 Email Router Configuration


    First up, you're dealing with a total newbie to these forums, as well as Windows SBS Essentials, Exchange 2010 and Dynamics CRM 2011. I have implemented the following for our own small business and have been learning and tearing my hair out as I go along! My post is quite long because I'm trying to provide a good overview of what my setup is an where I'm at. (Also, the forum won't let my post any http references until I've made 5 posts or more and this is my first, so I've deliberately left out a 't' in order to be able to post this as I couldn't find an alternative.)

    So, as mentioned, I have SBS 2011 (SP1) running Exchange 2010 and Dynamics CRM 2011. There are a few 'imperfections' in my setup, but I've just wanted to get Exchange and CRM up and running as soon as possible for the sake of productivity, and have always planned to return to fix any small issues later; one of which is security certificates.

    At the moment, I'm at the point where I'd like to configure the Email Router for CRM. (My server has been restarted, so any changes to settings/service/updates are all in effect.) I have used the Configuration Manager to create incoming and outgoing profiles. These are set as follows:

    Server Type: Exchange 2010
    Protocol: Exchange Web Services
    Location: htp://<MyServer>/EWS/Exchange.asmx
    Access Credentials: Other Specified...

    'CRMDomainUser' is a member of the builtin local admin group, domain users and a group I created called 'CRMDynamicsUsers'. The group was created with the idea that my Exchange Impersonator will only be able to act on behalf of the users in this group when I eventually set that up.

    Server Type: SMTP
    Protocol: SMTP
    Authentication type: Windows Authentication
    Use SSL: unchecked
    Location: <MyServer>
    Access Credentials: Other Specified...

    My deployment is setup as follows:
    Dynamics CRM Server: htp://<MyServer>:5555/MyCRMCompany
    Access Credentials: Local System Account
    Incoming & Outgoing configuration profiles are selected as the ones mentioned above.

    For 'Users, Queus and Mailboxes', I have selected my deployment and it is able to 'load' the users that have the email router option set for their incoming and outgoing email.

    When I select the 'Test Access' option for the user, I get the following error: "Income Status: Failure - The request failed with HTTP status 403: Forbidden"

    As I understand, this comes back to an issue with Exchange web Services (EWS) and Autodiscover not being configured correctly. In my case, this in turn, could be as a result of my in correctly setup security certificates, but one thing at a time.

    So, to test my EWS...

    If I point my IE9 browser to htp://<MyServer>/EWS/Exchange.asmx I get and HTTP 403 Forbidden error.

    If I go to htps://<MyServer>/EWS/Exchange.asmx I get prompted for a user name and password to connect to <MyServer>.Domain.Local. I enter the domain admin login details three times and get presented with a blank web page. If I click 'view source' it is completely empty, i.e. just a basic html page.

    If I go to htps://<MyServerIP>/EWS/Exchange.asmx I get "There is a problem with this website's security certificate.", and if I select "Continue to this website (not recommended).", I am presented with the same prompt for login details (also three times) and then the same blank web page.

    If I use the Test Email AutoConfiguration from Outlook, I get: 'Autoconfiguration was unable to determine your settings!"

    Also in Outlook, if I attempt to setup an Out of Office reply (which I understand, requires EWS/Autodiscover to work), I get: "Your auto reply settings cannot be displayed because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later."

    So I think I have three problems here:
    1. An incorrect security certificate for my internal network.
    2. Autodiscover service that is not working.
    3. EWS that is not working.

    I'd like to know how to fix these to get the Dynamics CRM Email Router working.

    After that, I need to know how to setup an Exchange Impersonator for my CRMDynamicsUsers group and setup the mail forwarding process for the Email Router.

    Thanks for your time in reading this.