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  • Sharepoint 2013

    Hi all,

    Can anyone help me withj settings of rights?

    I have a root website and there is also one subsite called Projects.

    - Root
    - Projects

    I have defined group SP_public_view that has granted read permission on both site.

    I also have defined groups for write for both sites.

    But i need to do settings wchich allow users to add new document libralies, list etc. There is also needed to greate groups, edit members and these groups assign to created lists, and libralies.

    Final status is, that user will create new libraly, group and edit membership of that group. This creator view only libralies to which he has granted rights.

    Sorry for my english.


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    Re: Sharepoint 2013

    Create a SharePoint Group named the appropriate action such as; HR Docs Library Modify.

    Assign it to the resource, so either site permissions, document library/list permissions.

    Add AD security groups to the SharePoint group, so that you control acces via AD group membership and you don't need to keep modifying SharePoint permissions.

    For unique permissions, you would break permission inheritance, remove all permissions and then asign the others as appropriate.

    Ensure you do this with an AD account that is a member of the Site Collection administrator's SharePointGroup that contains the SharePoint sites.


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      Re: Sharepoint 2013

      hmm, ok but this is little bit different.

      I need to delegate procces of creation libralies and right assigment to some managers.

      But they can modify acces only if they have got FULL right on site.

      Is it possible to edit rights on documents libraly without having FULL rights on site?

      I dont want to allow user modify AD object. User and groups in AD.




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        Re: Sharepoint 2013

        I wasn't referring to changing permissions in AD. You create AD groups and add them to the SharePoitn group. The SharePoint group is assigned the permissions within SharePoint.

        In your case, you want to review custom permission levels and you can then assign those custom permission level to the SharePoint group and then add an AD security group to the SharePoint group that contains the users that you wish to assign the custom permissions to.