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Extend New Drives To Existing Partition

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  • Extend New Drives To Existing Partition


    Last night I added 3 new hard drives to our Dell Poweredge 2600 server, running Windows 2003. Everything went fine, and they are now configured to work with our existing RAID 5 array.

    The problem i am having is extending these new drives to the existing partition. Dell sent me a utility to use, but it does nothing. After calling their tech support, I was told sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesnt. They gave me two options:

    1. Buy a program that will do the disk extension

    2. Wipe out the server, and start fresh.

    I dont want to do any of these, becuase one would be expensive, and two would be very time consuming.

    Anyone have any other suggestions that i might be able to try???

    Thanks for your help!


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    Re: Extend New Drives To Existing Partition

    Okay, well after my second reboot, the dell partition extender finally decided to work!