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  • Mobile Phone Batteries

    I understand many of the new complex smart phones need to be recharged every few days, because unlike a PC they can never be switched off completely, unless of course you remove the battery. This is because unlike a PCs severs with emails, they do not normally store the many text messages etc, and the smart phone needs to be able to continue receiving such even when supposed to be turned off.

    Is there a way of telling which phones will need recharging every few days before buying it?

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    Re: Mobile Phone Batteries

    It depends on the usage, most phones would need a charge at least once every two days IMO. If you turn off the data connections, screen to lowest brightness and only use it to receive SMS/calls then you can get a couple of days or so. If you use data then iPhones/Android etc can struggle to last a day.

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      Re: Mobile Phone Batteries

      The product specs should advise you of "standby time" and "call time"
      I usually take the official figure and half it
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        Re: Mobile Phone Batteries

        The big factors are usage and signal strength IME. Wireless, bluetooth and (especially) GPS usage eat the battery. If you're in a low signal strength area that also chews the battery quicker, as the phone will be trying to find a stronger signal constantly.
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          Re: Mobile Phone Batteries

          buy some old nokia or panasonic gsm phones - they live weeks on a charge.