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    I know there are ways of unlocking a mobile as shown on the internet, which rather makes a mockery of anti-theft. But is there a simple way of checking if a mobile is locked?

    When I tried to change the Virgin sim card in a little Alcatel with an Orange card, all it did was to show silly messages like 123 CODE NCK and at the bottom SOS.

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    Re: Locked Mobile

    usually if you try to change the sim and get no signal, it;'s a good sign it's locked
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      Re: Locked Mobile

      Not to be confused with entering the incorrect PIN too many times and requiring a PUK key to unlock it (assuming you had the good sense to apply that sort of security to your phone).

      [Note to self. Apply an unlock PIN] Click image for larger version

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        Re: Locked Mobile

        Actually I do not have a clue how the thing got locked in the first place, since I rarely go out for long I rarely use it. But thanks I expect you are right. Pity the mobile nerds have not concocted a simple way of detecting if is locked, surely a fundamental purpose of any mobile phone.

        As a matter of interest if you visit you will see in tiny white print Orange are making a strange offer until the end of this month with all their fibre optic broadband to allow a discount of 5, merely if you can prove somehow if you just own an Orange mobile. Strangely it does not as one would expect mean as I was informed, you must have a contract mobile, but also applies to a pay as you go, and they do not care if as in my case I rarely use the thing.

        However having already paid 11 for an Orange sim card and 10 of top up that needs another 10 to unlock the phone, I will not bother and give the card and top up to a granddaughter. Besides we doubt Orange will tolerate just owning an Orange will qualify for a 5 pm discount every month indefinitely, before they start asking why the mobile is never used, maybe never even switched on!