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Building a New Server Farm ...

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  • Building a New Server Farm ...


    I am in the process of planning a new server farm in a new location.

    There are plenty of tips and guidelines so I guess I am just asking if I am on the right track here:

    1. I would like to have a multipurpose server farm with initial emphasis on storage and computing power. I am looking at four or five rack-mounted cages with systems/SANs mixed in initially with at least some room to grow in this location. I am guessing 500 square feet of space. What;s the best way to size the electrical and cooling needs of such a place? I searched online but it seems that many books/sites/etc. have calculations that are designed for spaces much bigger than what I am anticipating.

    2. In terms of backing up the farm; do people generally get a separate internet access line dedicated to offsite backup or do they generally just use the main line for both content delivery and backup?

    3. What are the general guidelines for securing such a space? Just cameras and beefed up doors? Or is there a service for securing the equipment?

    4. What else should I add to the picture? I know this is a broad question because you may need more information so if you need additional details to better answer the above questions I will try my best to explain.

    Thank you for your time.

    Christopher Koeber