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Slow computers connected to Server with SBS 2011

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  • Slow computers connected to Server with SBS 2011

    I'm sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section, it was difficult to know where to put it as its both server and workstation related.

    I work for a company that has approx 15-20 PC's in the building. All run Windows 7 Pro (recently upgraded) apart from me who is still a humble XP user. These are all connected to a server that is running SBS 2011 (original had Server standard 2003). The reason I am posting is because every machine takes about 2-3 mins if not more to start up and logon.

    Earlier in the year a new server was purchased and the IT support company migrated the data from the old one to the new one (remotely). Sadly it did not occur to them to attend so that they could deal with any inevitable problems that would arise. The first problem was that they changed the name from \\ ****server (**** as an example) to server. This resulted in all the XP machines suffering badly and barely responding, because our 2 network drives were still mapped to the old server. Remote sessions were then performed on each individual workstation, where they went into the registry and changed all entries from \\ ****server to \\ server. Problem solved in terms of general system speed, but the real problem as mentioned above is the painfully slow startup.

    I have done countless amounts of research on this problem, but just cannot find a solution. Something I noticed in 'My Network Places' on my XP machine the other day, was that it still had one of the network drives down for \\ ****server (non existant now), and faxclient on \\ ****server2. I could tell something was wrong here because when I right clicked on them it took about 45 seconds for a response. I've now deleted both of these and gone through the depths of the registry to ensure that the old server really has nothing left behind on my system. It crossed my mind that it might be worth leaving the domain, clearing all traces of it from the computer and joining it again. However, computers that have been purchased and joined since the server upgrade also suffer the same problem.

    What is the cause of this slow logon? I'm not an expert, but I've done alot of work with IT as a side line for 11 years and to be honest I seriously think this whole system simply isn't setup properly. Obviously I do not want to go to my director with poor or incorrect information, but it would be great to find a solution to this issue once and for all!


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    Re: Slow computers connected to Server with SBS 2011

    DNS and GPO's would be where i would look first.

    Check what your clients are getting as a DNS server from DHCP (if enabled)

    Check what GPO's are being applied and then check the settings in them.

    Your looking for references to your old system.


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      Re: Slow computers connected to Server with SBS 2011

      DNS is where I would start also.

      What is the address of the DNS Server on your workstations?
      Is it the address of the SBS Server?

      Also, on the SBS Server is the Network adapter pointing to itself for DNS?