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estimate usage WSUS

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  • estimate usage WSUS

    I am going to install WSUS on my server for the first time.But I do not know the size of downloads which should it take from Microsoft websites.I have some patches files and service packs such as SP2 for Office 2003.Could I copy this files to reduce the ammount of downloads.any idea about the size of downloads for the first time.My network clients use Office2003,and winXP,No wxchange server or other Microsoft Products

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    Re: estimate usage WSUS

    Depends on what updates you will be downloading but it will probably run into GB's of data.


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      Re: estimate usage WSUS

      8GB is a nice round number however I can't remember if that is with the drivers included or not. I have a feeling it doesn't include as for some reason 14GB pops into the vaccum between my ears when drivers and WSUS is mentioned. Can some else confirm this?
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        Re: estimate usage WSUS

        Depends on what you select.

        I just confirmed the space taken on our server to confirm the numbers.

        If you select everything for the English language OS, it comes to about 14-15GB (1Gb=1024Mb) so actual disk space taken would look close to 18,000,000,000 to 19,000,000,000.

        The amount of space needed is about 440Mb.

        All this excludes the WSUS and Database Engine program files.

        Not sure how much space is needed for the non-English patches, updates, hotfixes, etc.

        Hope this helps!



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          Re: estimate usage WSUS

          I have a problem and is that I have Patch files but I do not have meta files.Could I copy Previous Patches I have Recieved independently from microsoft to the shared folder of WSUS to decrease the amount of downloading patches.