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  • hard drive eprom serial number

    Hi all this is my very first post....... I have purchased a 160gb hard drive which originated via ebay. However although it works perfectly fine when I recently purchased battle field 2 for my son when he went online he got the message you have been banned permanently by punkbuster global ban or something like that. After phoning around and speaking to the sofware vendor it turns out that the serial number on the drive has been banned by something called punkbuster, and they will not give me my money back because they say its not a fault of the product but my hardware. So I have been told that there is a way of rewriting the disk signature from what it is now to another one. Is there a way and if so how do you do it....Thanks all for reading my first post...Hope you can help as its cost me 50.00

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    Re: hard drive eprom serial number

    Some info about Punkbuster.

    Hard drive scan -

    Your error message - (read the last FAQ)

    It seems this is a software program to stop users cheating when playing online games. The software has to be installed on your PC. Is there any chance your son or one of his friends installed this without you knowing? My guess is tat if all else fails, format the 160GB HDD and reinstall the game again. As I read the sites FAQs, the HDD is NOT the problem.

    Has anyone come across or used this Punkbuster software?
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