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  • Wss3.0

    I new to sharepoint services and I've installed wss3.0 but unable to add users. When i attempt to add a new user from site settings, people and groups, new user all the text boxes are there but not the create button. I've looking online for info on how to import users from AD but I've found nothing.

    How can i add users to sharepoint services.

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    Re: Wss3.0

    Are you expecting each user to have their own individual page?
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      Re: Wss3.0

      Generally, you will add AD Groups to the relevant areas in SharePoint (WSS 3.0) in your case and that will allow the logon.

      Can you give us more details with regards to what you have setup and how? For example, is WSS 3 Domain joined, was the SQL instance local, what option did you choose when installing it?