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Help with HP workstation xw8200

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  • Help with HP workstation xw8200

    Hello everyone,

    I have an HP workstation xw8200

    Something is wrong with the raid devices, I think they were flashed and something didn't work correctly. I want to fix this box to use ubuntu+LAMP stack. I have tried everything that I can think of and can not get it to work right. It has 3 scsi hdds the onboard raid is LSI 53c1030 B2. It also has a PCI card which is LSI20320A-R HP. From what I have been reading. the onboard and the pci card both have a bios and firware. I have tried files from HP and all I get is adapter malfunctioning. Any help would be greatly apprciated.

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    Re: Help with HP workstation xw8200

    Have you tried the firmware and update files from the LSI website too?

    assuming the 'LSI20320-R' files are compatible with LSI20320A-R

    Failing that, contact support using the link. They've probably got some nifty utility that may help.
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