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  • Install Updates and reboot

    I found this tip by accident and wonder if anyone else has seen it.
    I have many clients machines that need windows updates applied. No issues; just nudge them along.

    Usually I would click "Install updates" wait the 5-30 mins for it finish and then always a reboot is needed.......Wait for the reboot...........and the next cycle of searching for windows updates. Rinse and repeat.

    However I found that if I reboot the machine just as the first update is installing, I get the same screen as "shutdown and install updates". It then reboots, and is ready for more. This saves me loads of babysitting time and mouse clicks. Its not much but as a bonus also blocks the client from interfering with the screen, should they return while I step away.

    I have only tried this on W7, if you try it in other OS can you post back your results.

    (MS should really just make a install updates and reboot option.....)
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    Re: Install Updates and reboot

    What you describe is new to the Win7 and up versions of Windows--XP/Server 2003 don't have that.

    If you're worried about clients returning to PCs before you're finished updating, why not wake the PCs up through script during the wee hours when no one is around, and let a Group Policy force any approved updates to apply and restart the PC as necessary? No issues with access time, etc., that way.
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