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How to setup Office365 e-mail address in your Android device >>

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  • How to setup Office365 e-mail address in your Android device >>


    Slowly most organizations are getting upgraded to Office365.
    After upgrade,mobile users not able to check mails any longer because some URL's are been changed from Microsoft end.

    This particular info from me is for them who have hosted there mailboxes at Microsoft's data center.

    New config for Android devices >>>

    - Modify existing mailbox

    - Put server name as >> [ Earlier it would be something like or RED002 etc ]

    - user name example >>>\[email protected]

    - Select only "Use SSL connection" option. There are 2 more options for SSL. Don't select those options.

    - Now click 'Next' and your mailbox will get configured.

    For iPhone it automatically picks up settings.
    For Blackberry either go to blackberry portal >> Add new account >> Put e-mail address & password >> Click 'NExt' It now autodiscovers server settings >> Done !! >> You'll get message from Blackberry service stating that new mailbox configured & mail will start coming.

    How to configure Office365 e-mail on Android help link from Microsoft >>

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    Re: How to setup Office365 e-mail address in your Android device >>

    Why, why, why, is this post in the OCS Forum?

    You have been a Member of these Forums for SEVEN years and you post this message in the totally WRONG Forum! If you had any idea how much time is spent by the Moderators moving posts, merging posts, deleting spam and banning the poster you would STOP putting this unhelpful rubbish in the Forums.

    If a Member posted and asked how to add an Android device to Office 365 then this may be useful to them. However, nobody has asked. This thread is going to drift off into oblivion with very few views, and valuable time that has been consumed by at least 3 staff in addressing this post. This is not the first time you have posted information that has not been asked for so please stop it. Thank you.

    Moving to the Misc Forum.
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