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  • iTunes playback issue


    I have created an audio mix that is 3hrs, 14 mins long. I created it using Mixcraft 5 and have exported the mix as a VBR MP3. When I import this file into iTunes and play it, iTunes does not play the last 60 seconds or so of the file.

    Also, according to the area in iTunes that shows play progress, it reaches 3hrs 14 seconds about three minutes before the end of the track, and with 0 time remaining continues to play (apart from the last 60 seconds).

    I've seen the latter quite a few times in iTunes. The track length is reported correctly, but the progress bar does not keep time for some reason. However, the other tracks usually play completely.

    I have opened the track in VLC Player, and it plays to the end without problems.

    Anyone come across this in iTunes and know how I might fix it, please?

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    Re: iTunes playback issue

    Scrap that - when I deleted/imported it a third time it plays to the end now, although it still doesn't keep time
    A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy