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Google Apps vs Windows Live admin for email backend

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  • Google Apps vs Windows Live admin for email backend

    Hi Guys

    Just wondered if anyone has ventured down the road of just using google or hotmail for a backend mail server, while still retaining office SAL/SPLA/OEM on your client server/terminal server setups?

    I was looking at trialling both out, with the idea of either google or windows live admin as an inexpensive way of having google or microsoft do the backend mail & we look after the front end.

    I havn't got around to trialling google as yet, but it appears to be either $5 per user per month, or $50 per year for google apps. Which will include my mail, plus google applications....not that I'm after them, but its there.

    Whereas windows live admin is free, you can create up to 500 accounts & they have a 500GB mailbox!

    I synced it up with my outlook, iphone, couple of other pc's to test & shared calendars, all synced up fine. So whats the downside? Am I missing something here? It took about 10 mins to completely set up.

    I dont really need or want all the google apps at this stage & if I dont have to pay anything at all for backend mail management.....then why do I need google apps?

    The lack of AD integration measn it doubles your account management, but to get that I would need to go for BPOS/Office 365 which is even more.