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Own Right-Click Command - how to?

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  • Own Right-Click Command - how to?

    I have been googling in vain in search of an example how to customize the contextual menu in Win XP. I want the command to be available for any text selection in any application. It would:

    1. Grab the selected text
    2. Do something with the text (say: reverse it)
    3. Put the result onto the clipboard (or paste it immediately if the text source is modifiable).

    Could any of you point me to any resource where I could see some examples and perhaps figure out how to put together this little tricky thingy. I guess it involves playing with registry which could cause some disaster, that's why I'd like to do as much reading as possible before starting to experiment.

    Cheerz everyone,

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    Re: Own Right-Click Command - how to?

    You could look for a macro creation program / macro recorder. So when you press say CTRL + SHIFT + T it runs a macro that does what you asked.

    They do exist, we did a whole day of migrating our very old helpdesk software to a new one. The databases were incompatible to migrate so we did a manual copy of data using this macro recorder software... cant remember the name though... sorry. Im sure google can help.
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