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Postback / Re-direct to Login Page Error

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  • Postback / Re-direct to Login Page Error


    I have a web base application with db as SQL Server 2008 R2 and os as Windows 2008 R2.

    This application has been running successsfully for a year and is now giving the following issue:

    1) User can successfully login to the application

    2) On clicking any of the Menu's / Sub-menu's within the applicaiton, the user is redirected to login page. The user is not logged off in this case and the user can click the back button the browser, go to the Menu page and once again try to click any of the Menu / Sub-Menu would result post back to login page

    I have not faced this issue for a year and the application has been running successfully.

    This issues has been onserved only on one environment and all other machines where the application has been installed have been running successfully.

    Appreciate help in this regard and thank you for support in advance.

    Best regards