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Using a 13amp plug on APC Basic PDUs

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  • Using a 13amp plug on APC Basic PDUs


    I Have a question about this APC PDUs. We have just purchased 16amp and 32amp version of these PDUs but the non metered ones. I think they are called Basic PDUs. They have about 20 C13 sockets on them.

    My question is we are in the process of installing cable tray with 16amp and 32amp commando sockets which will then go back to a distribution board wheres feed will be coming from a UPS backed system.

    At the moment though we dont have this and part of power resiliency work is to get rid of all the extensions that are currently in the back of our racks. Install these PDU's and start wiring with these rather using extension sockets.

    Problem is because the ends of these PDUs have 16amp and 32amp commando sockets. I want to temporarily just use these on the mains until the UPS are installed. Which could at least another month or two.

    I can take of the commando sockets as its seems to be modular in design and I can see the normal plug wiring like earth, nuetral and Live.

    Would I be able to do this as long as I don't over provision the sockets.

    I have 2 x 16amp PDU's and 2 X 32 amp PDUs. I noticed that the 32amp version as much more of a thicker cable. I am assuming because it probably has more resistance but I could stick a 13 amp plug on this as well?

    As you can tell from my questions, my knowledge on electrical is non existent so any helpful advice that you can advise would be great.


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    Re: Using a 13amp plug on APC Basic PDUs

    You really need to talk to a qualified electrician in your country since regulations vary from country to country.
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      Re: Using a 13amp plug on APC Basic PDUs

      Since one of the DIY alternatives is "what is black, crispy and hangs from the ceiling?" you really MUST get a qualified electrician to do the work for you, and follow any advice they give
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