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    What is the procedure to move the domains one server to another. I mean to say the DNS and all...


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    Re: Mail server

    more info on the systems in question would be helpful, however, this is an answer I gave in an interview, to migrate a company from pop3 hosted, to internal exchange

    • install internal exchange server, using a separate domain (we could use .com and .comau so it was ok)
    • configure the dns MX record to point to the public ip of our network
    • forward port 25 from te router, to the mail server
    • ensure exchange 2003 was authoritative for the domain
    • test for a few weeks with the domain
    • once satisfied it worked, add .com authority to the exchange server
    • change the MX record, adding the new server as priority 10, leaving the existing as priority 20.

    i was also in a position to use pop3 connector, to download any .com mail for the accounts I was testing with
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