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  • Document tracking and recording

    Hi there - yep me again...

    I was wondering if I could bounce some ideas around. Im trying to implement a way in which I can monitor and produce reports as to weather or not certain documents have been read and by whome. I currently have a php intranet with mysql backend. Im currently controlling access to the page via log on (but there is currently no content to the page) that is the next step.

    I dont want to implement a DMS as I think thats a bit overkill for the task, but Im struggling to see what the best methond is to go about it.

    If anyone has any thoughts on this it would be appreciated - thanks

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    Re: Document tracking and recording

    sharepoint... ?
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      Re: Document tracking and recording

      We do have sharepoint within our SBS server but the problem is I dont really know enough about it.

      How easy is it to configure the content management side of it? I can see the logon/access is alreasy integrated with the network so that would work. The reporting side isnt currently available so that would need setting up. Im more familiar with current setup of php/mysql hence why Im trying to stay down that route.