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MP4/M4A Video File Virus?

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  • MP4/M4A Video File Virus?

    A member of of staff has been doing a lot of imaging work at home (no problem there), and has created a number of MP4/M4A files of promotional material.

    The problem is that they stored it on their machine at home while doing the work, and their machine (XP Pro) has been hit with a massive virus attack.

    The machine is on it's knees as a result, but we can still take out the hard disk and get the files off before he flattens and rebuilds it.

    Now my question is, what are the chances that a virus (we don't know which ones he was hit by) has got into the MP4/M4A files? We don't want to take them off and carry the virus to the network at the office. And can the usual AV software (we have access to McAfee and Norton) find and clean any infection in the files if they have "caught" anything?


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    Re: MP4/M4A Video File Virus?

    bring the drive into the office.
    unplug a pc from the network
    plug the drive into that pc as a secondary drive
    use ubcd or somethin similar to boot into a safe os, then scan the attached harddrivbe with malware bytes, and your av of choice.
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