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    I just bought a Flytouch 3 tablet configured with Android 2.2 (I think thatís Froyo) and went off to Android Market to download some free apps, particularly games since it has most of the other stuff I want right now (OK, thereís some dopy Dolphin browser which Iíd prefer to replace with Chrome or Firefox but hey ... it was cheap).

    Anyway, at Android Market, I discovered I couldnít install the first thing I tried (said something about not having a phone registered) and a bit more research revealed that phone apps and tablet apps are not the same ... I suppose coming from a Windows background I just assumed that if it was an Android App it would run on Android (unless it required a specific OS version).

    So my question is, where do I go to get the best Android tablet apps (if there are other places)? Also (if anyone knows) what firmware updates are available and what are the advantages/disadvantages of doing so?

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    Re: Generic Tablet & Android Market

    Have you checked for updates and seen if 2.3(Gingerbread) was out for it yet and tried?
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