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Partial rebuild on DL 380 G5

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  • Partial rebuild on DL 380 G5

    I'm going to rebuild a DL 380 G5 to incorporate a raid 10 (raid1+0) logical drive. It's for an exchange 2007 server that has experienced two disk crashes in the last 3 months.

    I'll leave the 2 x 72gb drives as the mirrored C: drive and will move all the logfiles and exchange db's onto an external disk (about 800gb) (150 users)

    I wanted to confirm that a Smart Array P400 can handle raid 10 (raid1+0) and that 6 x 300Gb drives will give me roughly 900gb of space.

    I intend to store the logfiles and db's on the newly created raid 10 drive.

    Im aware it doesn't leave me much space for growth but there will be another new mail server implemented soon so I'll even out the users then.

    Any recommendations before I start?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Partial rebuild on DL 380 G5

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      Re: Partial rebuild on DL 380 G5

      it probably also doesn't really take into consideration a recommendation to store the DB and Log volumes on separate disk..
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        Re: Partial rebuild on DL 380 G5

        There are only 8 hard disk bays, 2 are being used for the mirrored OS.

        There isn't enough space on the 72Gb mirrored OS for the logs and I have to accomodate at least 800gb of exchange db's.

        I could probably do another mirrored drive for the logs but then I'd have to create a raid 5 with 4 x 300Gb disks.

        It is the only mail server in the company at the moment so it's like a rock and hard place scenario.

        I'll post a message in the Exchange 2007 forum to see if it really will be an issue.