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  • Ms word question

    Hi all

    this is for ms office user question,...

    in WORD , when i add a picture (from a file) and put it BEHIND THE TXT ,
    no i want to choose it or resize it and i cant get a lock on it , get select the picture at all...

    can anyone help me ? i need to resize it.


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    Re: Ms word question

    Firstly, you need to explain better what you are trying to say. Sorry, but I do not understand what "get select the picture at all... means.

    What version of Word are you using?
    What service pack does it have?
    What is the image type? JPG, BMB, Tiff etc
    What is the image size?
    Can you save the document online (and give us a link to it) so it could be tested.

    I have Word 2003, SP2 and was able to insert a JPG into a document, select Behind Text, resize and move the image. Once you have inserted the image, do you left click on it and get a thin lined border surrounding the image? Are you able to move the mouse to one of the corners of the image and get the arrow to change into a double headed arrow?

    Lastly, you have made 122 posts on this site. You MUST know by now that the information you provided is woefully inadequate for other members to diagnose your problem and provide a solution. Please keep this in mind for future posts. Thanks.

    Please post back with answers to the above questions and any other information that may assist in resolving your problem.
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      Re: Ms word question

      thanks Biggles77 for your comment, you right, i didnt gave enough information as i should...
      but anyway i found what "I" did wrong, i put an image on an image and both on the background of the txt so somehow i couldnt choose any on them...
      well, thanks anyway