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Ping and Request Timed Out messages

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  • Ping and Request Timed Out messages

    Hi all,

    I have found an intresting issue and could do with a second, third, forth or fifth opinion

    I recieved a new Netgear WGR614v6 router and set it up, since then I have been unable to ping my own IP address, I just get Request Timed Out messages both Internal and External to the LAN, but a website i connect to at home is displayed fine.

    I contacted Netgear who eventually figured out what I ment and told me they can ping the router - but I still can't.

    I found a web based ping utilty tonight and that can ping my IP without any issues.

    Does anyone have any ideas? its not a major issue but I would love to get it resolved!


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    Re: Ping and Request Timed Out messages

    What IP are you pinging? The nearside (inside) or farside (public IP) of the router?
    Are you pinging from an internal or external location when it times out? If external then you wisely have "ping" turned off.
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      Re: Ping and Request Timed Out messages

      Thanks for the replyI have tried pinging the near and farside IP both Internal and External and the result is the same Request Times out, but ping should be enabled as I enabled it in the routers admin section unfortunately my ISP requires PING to be enabled