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    This is the second PC I bought from new where I had problems after a year or two with it failing to boot up properly by missing some of the startup programs causing the system to ‘ freeze’. Only this week did a couple of fellow radio HAMS pointed out it appears correctly the problem is caused by too many unnecessary programs being dumped without my permission onto the Startup system. So I downloaded a small free file from that sensibly expands the very limited function of Startup in the Control Panel.

    I was advised not to stop those from Windows / System32. As a result I was able to uncheck 13 of the 20 items as designated HKLM / Run, such as a number dumped by Abode. The PC has booted up perfectly now some 8 times over the past days. I understand the only purpose these startup programs serve is mainly to speed up access to them when needed, except allowing so many to accumulate probably slows down the PC anyway. Personally I am more interested in the PC booting up properly first time every time.

    Where it was not clear what purpose was served by some of these obscure files, I did take the trouble to search the net. I admitted some only served some dubious purpose for enhancing graphics and sound probably intended for expensive games. One it suspects is also used as a form of spyware. Anyway I have not deleted them only unchecked them.

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    Re: Windows Startup

    What version of Windows were you experiencing problems with... perhaps this would have been of more use posted in the forum for that version

    Keep in mind that a clearout of the Startup folder can easily be done manually, and that the Startup folder and the section of the registry you describe are not the same thing.

    I'm curious as to what you mean when you refer to the Startup section in Control Panel, since I don't recall having ever seen this option on a previous version of Windows and I certainly don't see it on Windows 7...
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      Re: Windows Startup

      Thanks I must be confused with the seemingly useless Startup that shows under Start / Programs only showing only one entry. I am still using Windows XP. The software from must insert the new Startup under my Control Panel.

      You can see the alterations I have made at

      and I have not noticed any changes in the way my PC runs so far ------- apart from it now boots up perfectly each time I switch on ! But then I do not run any expensive complicated state of the arts silly games.


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        Re: Windows Startup

        Rather than download any apps which stop apps from starting up I would tend to use msconfig "Start - Run - msconfig". My general rule of thumb is either stop everything apart from your AV solution. Or I would trace the paths to the applications and see which point to 3rd party rubbish and stop them from starting up.
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