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Creating Custom ScreenSavers on using GPO

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  • Creating Custom ScreenSavers on using GPO


    I have a challenge on creating custom screensavers using JPEG images or Flash Across the entire domain.

    I know the file format should be .scr but how do I go about it, I have read a lot of post online.

    Is there no freeware I can get online to create the .scr files.


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    Re: Creating Custom ScreenSavers on using GPO

    Have you actually... *followed* any of the posts you've read?

    When I Google "create screensaver from jpg" I get a lot of useful information...
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      Re: Creating Custom ScreenSavers on using GPO

      I actually dug deep this time, and got an application called Digital Photos Screensaver Maker which creates both a .scr and .exe files.

      I have applied the group policy on the screensaver and its working perfectly.

      Thank you.


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        Re: Creating Custom ScreenSavers on using GPO

        Absolutely nothing to do with GPOs -- moved to Misc
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