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IDE to USB hard drive problem

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  • IDE to USB hard drive problem

    I have a IDE to USB cable with separate power supply which enables me to use a quick, temporary hookup of an external hard drive. Everything works just fine IF the hard drive is Western Digital. I mention this to demo that the equipment functions and the jumpers are set correctly.

    The catch is that if I use a Maxtor hard drive the drive is not recognized and I get a Code 10 error (indicating a driver problem). I have uninstalled the driver, removed the device in Device Manager, and reinstalled to no avail. I have tried this with several Maxtor hard drives known to be functional and the problem is related to the Maxtor. Several WD drives work just fine.

    This is my first post here so I hope I am in the correct forum.
    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: IDE to USB hard drive problem

    What operating system are you using?
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      Re: IDE to USB hard drive problem

      I am using XP PRO. I have 2K Pro and Win98se. the latter requires a driver installation.


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        Re: IDE to USB hard drive problem

        Please review:

        Then please change the jumper settings on the external hard disk to "CS" and try to reconnect it.
        If it fail, try to upgrade the PC/Laptop BIOS + Install update for the motherboard drivers.


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        Yuval Sinay

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