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Screen recording on a loop

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  • Screen recording on a loop

    Can anyone help me by suggesting a piece of software that will allow permanent screen recording for a set period of time? Bascially I have a screen which has programs being run and I need to ensure for a customer that if an incident happens, I can prove that my staff did not cause it or that they actioned accordingly, by playing them footage of the screen at a particular time.

    I'm looking for some form of screen capture which records the screen constantly for the previous 48 hours so it can be referred back to if necessary. Can anyone adivise a possible solution/software.


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    Re: Screen recording on a loop

    Have a look at Observe IT. It should do what you want.
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      Re: Screen recording on a loop

      u might want to look at Camtasia Studio or Windows Media Encoder (freeware)

      things to keep in mind:

      - used cpu time
      - supported file formats
      - required storage space
      - available compression ratios

      48 hours of video will take up a considerable amount of space.
      compression will reduce this, but might make it hard to make out small details.


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        Re: Screen recording on a loop is another common tool. ObserveIT would probably give you more specific evidence however.
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          Re: Screen recording on a loop

          Great stuff, many thanks guys. I'll take a look at the options shown there.