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Help me my acount reset its password!!!

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  • Help me my acount reset its password!!!

    OK Hi.
    1st of all believe what you want just please help me.
    Reason for Help:
    To get to the point I have a project due and my account according to me and my school is broken and I can't get in because the password was changed.
    I need to get in to it and the administrator can't let me (strange no).

    So I have a program that can figure out the password (windows password), but it needs hashes which can be gotten in 2 ways only option for me is to be admin and import local settings.

    The system is like this teacher has xp computer,I have an xp computer and everyone else (majority) has 98.

    What do I do so I can get password?
    (the server password for my account not my windows xp login password)
    a)get me on to admin account
    b)other way to get me hashes
    c)you're a genius so if you think of anything else feel free to tell me

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    Re: Help me my acount reset its password!!!

    Firstly, this should have been posted in the "Forgotten password" forum.

    Secondly, in the aforementioned forum there are lots of existing posts regarding password recovery.

    Thirdly, You are not an admin and as such will not have any access to your DC's, I also guess that it would be a breach of your security protocols to try any "Password Crackers" on your network.

    The easiest and quickest way is to talk to your network admin, we are not unreasonable people, if he's denying you access then it must be for a valid reason. (If not take him to a bar and buy him a few beers to "loosen" him up!!!).

    * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"


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      Re: Help me my acount reset its password!!!

      Blaster, check you other thread for answers. Please do not double post in the future. Thanks.
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      2 2 was 1 2.
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