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not surfing with wireless

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  • not surfing with wireless


    i donít know where to put this question so i put it here

    My problem is: i have a wireless card in my laptop
    and when i to any wireless connection like airport or coffee bar
    It connected but it doesnít surf the internet

    i am getting ip and it say that the connection is good i have ping to all site
    And i even connected to my work throw vpn but not surfing

    The operation on the laptop is winxp sp2 the card is u.s robotics
    I try another card the same problem

    There is no firewall enable on the system
    Thank you


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    Re: not surfing with wireless

    if you say you can connect via VPN to your work.

    maybe your company have aplied some rules on your laptop that if you are outside of the local net you can not surf the net only connect via vpn.
    secure remote client have this option

    and i would check if the access point you are connecting allows to surf the web
    and i would check spyware on the system
    and check your host file

    at work can you surf wifi?
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      Re: not surfing with wireless

      the thing is there is nothing on the laptop i just install him
      i dont know way i cannot surf its my one laptop not company
      i just down load vpn and try it for test

      i dont know what can be the reason not to be able to surf
      in the internet..


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        Re: not surfing with wireless

        like i say the vpn client downloads a policy from the firewall.
        check that
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          Re: not surfing with wireless

          check your proxy settings. control panel, internet options, communications, lan settings. if your work uses a proxy server which alot do, then when you have that set you wont be able to get online outside of work. if you do have that uncheck the use proxy box and try again.
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            Re: not surfing with wireless

            Do you have an account that enables you to "surf the net" when connected to a hotspot? I think you will find it is not FREE.
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              Re: not surfing with wireless

              Do you have the same problem through ethernet ?