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    Can anyone suggest a reason why even the latest version 11 of Windows Media Player fails to play a couple of DVDs that PowerDVD plays OK. One has been created by a pal the other issued free by a national paper some years ago. A menu shows the title menu with each but any attempt to use keys or the mouse to select a track causes WMD to abort or the error box shows stating a problem

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    Re: Windows Media Player

    What operating system and service pack are you using?
    What version of PowerDVD are you using?
    What errors appear on screen and in the event logs?
    Do you have the required codecs for WMP?
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      Re: Windows Media Player

      could be zoning - I know that my wife has a numerous buffy dvds that wmp won't play, as they are all from different regions. (personally it hink regions are stupid, but anyway)

      this laptop has a regio locked DVDRom, so i had to break that, and now they won't play in wmp, but will play in powerDVD.

      I get a warning though, stating that wmp can't play it - sounds like you don't.

      If it's just those two dvds, I'd be inclined to think it's those dvds. can you play the m on other computers ?
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        Re: Windows Media Player

        Thanks guys. However I just heard from the guy who created the unusual DVD from old videos and 8 mm film. You need not only to have Windows Media Player 11 or higher, and also from Filehippo download the k-lite codec pack (full) then restart the PC. Then the player will play 99% of anything also the brightness and contrast etc in the player also work.

        He also had to explain earlier the reason why Nero failed to warn us until half way to burning a copy, that it was unable to continue burn was because we have to use something like . Apparently he uses some strange method of packing more on a DVD than normal with some slight loss of definition unlikely to be noticed in copyimg old material.

        Personally I always believe in making sure anything you create for others to use should be universally acceptable. This is what I try hard to do when I submit my Freeware to sites for hosting.