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    Are any of you fairly regular users of Filezilla to update a web site know of a way of showing the details of the Password to open a site. There is no money involved like paying online as you can see from the functions of the simple site at

    I am still quite able to access the site but dread the Idea of having to use another site if I lose the password on this PC

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    im not sure i am following you.. so if i am not answering what i think youre asking, i apologize in advance.

    so if you have the creds stored in FZ but dont know them anymore and you would like to retrieve the password from the configs inside FZ, then you need to open the filezilla.xml file in the appdata section to get what is saved... i would type up instructions, but i am going to link you to another post where someone has already done all the work for me.


    if i wasnt even close, im sorry. i think that is what you are asking...
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