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Strange setup -or is it just me?

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  • Strange setup -or is it just me?

    Ok so, Ive inherited a network setup which has some strange configurations - or at least its something I haven't seen before. There are mail enabled user accounts which have a default email address of a domain which is part of the company but not setup on that exchange server as an accepted domain. By that I mean the company is made up of several groups, accounts at company have their email setup as but as said - the domain isn't an accepted domain on that mail server.

    There may be a trust setup between the 2 domain and I'm yet to investigate, But am I correct in thinking this isn't a recommended config? I cant see how mail is delivered BUT the account in question is an O365 mail based account so I would think the client is just pulling from O365. But I cant understand why there is a mailbox in domain at all and there isn't just a standard account and configure the mailbox using the account

    Hope I haven't confused anyone too much - like I said its just something I haven't seen before??


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    Does the domain name matter? After all, the mail server will send messages to the User's mail account, it just can't accept them. Do they just have two functionally distinct offices, or is there a historical reason for accounts' staff to use a different domain name?
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      Yeah I get the domain doesn't really matter and the fact its held within the user AD account as the MX records point to a different server and so the mail will be delivered there - just strange why you would configure it this way.

      There are 2 sites one was looking to migrate to another but the method to which it was approached I feel was incorrect.