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Scheduled display a web page - how to deploy

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  • Scheduled display a web page - how to deploy


    I need to schedule a visit to a webpage to all users and was wondering if anyone can think of a method to do so rather than create a scheduled task on all machines. The webpage in question is a notification.

    Or is a scheduled task the only way to go about it? If so how do I push out a scheduled task to all workstations?


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    What is it that you want to achieve?

    When you say schedule a visit what is it that you mean?

    You can set Scheduled Tasks via GPO and use IE to open a webpage simply enough.

    Opening a webpage from the scheduled task should be as simple as iexplore.exe


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      I tried that and it didn't launch the page - seems to work setting up a scheduled task with Chrome but not all machines have Chrome.

      All I am trying to achieve is a basically a webpage launched at a given schedule as per your post. Will have a tinker with it


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        Just sits there running doesn't actually launch IE or the web page


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          How are you configuring your scheduled task??

          I've created one on my Windows 10 machine and it works exactly as i would expect it too.


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            As per below, works with Chrome fine just not I.E

            Click image for larger version

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