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Dell set up????

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  • Dell set up????

    Hi guys,

    My 1st post here, but I had been lurking this great site for 5-6 months. I have question, that really wanted know

    Okay, I'm sure many of us here have a Dell computer. Now, I always wanted to know how they do the setup/install the OS? E.g, when you 1st turn up your laptop or desktop, it ask for name,product keys,etc. How they do that? Dont you need to completed the setup 1st.


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    Re: Dell set up????

    Microsoft makes an OEM installation kit which allows OEMs to configure Windows and then install it without registration or PID entry. Usually OEMs create multiple images for every hardware combination that is possible with their inventory. These images are stored and then used when your PC is built. Since they already have the install that is needed it is loaded onto the hard drive via a data push (similar to Ghost etc). Then the first time the PC is booted you're prompted to register enter PID.

    When I worked for Gateway we had a tour through the manufacturing facility and this is how they described the process to us. This was about 4 years ago but I don't think the process has changed much and I'm pretty sure Dell is very similar.

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      Re: Dell set up????

      OOOh thanks that explained.


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        Re: Dell set up????

        In case you are interested in looking into it any further.
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