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Problem with IE and links

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  • Problem with IE and links

    When I click on a link (in a mail for example), the Internet Explorer starts loading the link and then just hangs there, loading the page indefinitely.

    If I press stop, and then simply reload the link (i.e. press enter in the address bar), it will directly load the link and open the page. So it always needs the "two step" procedure to open any link from another program - click on a link, press stop, press reload.

    This is happening to me on IE8, but I remember I had the same problem before (on another computer) using IE7, though I can't remember now what was the solution then. Would be grateful for any idea how to solve it, thanks!

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    Re: Problem with IE and links

    Give this a shot.;EN-US;281679

    I avoid Internet Exploder like the plague so I don't have that problem, but from what the said it should work.
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      Re: Problem with IE and links

      Thanks a lot, I'll give it a shot And me too, I almost never use it, however some of the users I support prefer it for unknown reason,s so I have to make it work unfortunately.