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    I currently have a network that consists of 8 locations. The Corporate office serves as the HOST to the WAN. Each office has a WIndows 2000 DC Server. I use the IP address scheme 192.168.*.* with subnet at each location. The third set being a number like: Office 1 = 192.168.1.*, Office 2 = 192.168.2.*, etc... The total number of users is 259 throughout the WAN
    Over time as we add people, the network seems to slow down some.

    I was wondering if I change the subnet to be unique per office, would that elliminate any cross traffic that might help speed up queries and file access some. Is there any papers out there that really explain subnets and how they should be setup with multiple LANs in a WAN and for large growth at a single location?


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    Re: Subnet Information

    To make the changes you will need to re-configure the servers/clients + install new hardware that can handle routing.
    It will be wise to external consultation on the new hardware/software purchase + the routing settings.
    I think that you may need firewall that can handle all this interfaces (Check Point NGX 64 Bit Edition) or setup direct connection method to the main office and install switch with routing capabilities.


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    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Subnet Information


      Thanks for the information. Not sure why I would need new hardware, if you could ellaborate more. I run CISCO routers between sites and everything is Windows2000. I run ISA Server 2000 at the internet connection in the HOST (corporate office).

      I can change the network settings at each location through DNS/DHCP at each site. I am concerned though, on what would be effected and would this somehow improve data traffic over the wan?



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        Re: Subnet Information

        you need to do your own check list first in order to to see where the problem is:

        -What is the routing protocol you are using?
        -what are the type of connnection between offices - Leased Line, VPN,farme relay? and etc.

        regarding changing IP adrdress i think its good idea as you will ame sure that the broadcasing are eliminated with each office. and try to avoid loops and other stuff.


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          Re: Subnet Information

          Originally posted by abarakat
          -what are the type of connnection between offices - Leased Line, VPN,farme relay? and etc.
          This is definately the first question I would be asking myself.

          I don't see how changing subnets will make the slightest bit of difference. They are already "seperate" subnets.

          You will not get any broadcast traffic between sites as you are using routers, so your broadcast collision domains are seperate for each site.

          Other things you may want to look at are

          - Name resolution, where are your DNS server(s) placed.
          - Replication and GC placement.
          - Do you have lots of Universal Groups (which will increase replication traffic).
          - Do you have your site links setup correctly and what is the replication interval.
          - Can you increase the replication interval ?
          - Find out what a "standard" users uses the network for.
          - Do you find one office\site slower than the rest, and are all your "power users" bunched together.
          - If email usage is high would it be best to place local exchange servers.

          All these are essential to you in understanding what goes on, on your network.

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