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    Hi all,

    does any one here know if there's any free tools we can use to test the loading speed to a website? i need such tool to get testing parameters before and after migrating to AT&T leaseline.
    thanks in advance.
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    Re: Web Page Loading Meter

    There are some online apps that can test this, but I have not had any experance using them.

    Will show you more of them.
    There are better tools depending on exactuly what code the page is created in.

    You can also get stress test applications to see if how it compairs under heavy load.

    Hope these tools help.

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      Re: Web Page Loading Meter

      google chrome has this built in, look for dev tools.
      Firefox has web developer addon for this.

      But really you can look for speed test sites like visualware, (my person favorite), that will tell you your approximate speed. Before and after, etc...
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