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Video Connectivity Issue

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  • Video Connectivity Issue

    Hello, I am a new member to the Petri forum and this is my 1st post. Help! I'm Stumped. I have an end-user that after using her computer for a while, the screen loses connectivity with the computer and she receives the standard message "No Input Signal". The only way to regain video is to power off/on the computer and reboot. I have verified that all of the power/screen settings are set to never. The computer is not going into standby or hibernate mode. The monitor seems to be losing connectivity with the PC. This started with an HP ProDesk 600 G1DM with an Elite Monitor E221 running Windows 10 Professional. I have replaced the monitor with an HP Elite Monitor E222 and a Dell P2217 and verified that all firmware/windows updates had been performed and the problem remains. I have tried 3 separate display interfaces, VGA, HDMi and Digital Display as well as 2 different sets of cabling for each interface on all 3 monitors. This did not resolve my problem. I have replaced the computer with an HP ProDesk 600G2DM (newer revision) with Windows 10 Professional and tried all 3 above monitors and different interfaces. The problem remains. I SysGen'd the HP ProDesk 600G1DM with Window 7 Professional with all the latest service packs/firmware/windows updates and tried all 3 above monitors and different interfaces. The problem remains. I have tried an older Dell OptiPlex 780SFF with Windows 7 Professional with all the latest service packs/firmware/windows updates and tried all 3 above monitors and different interfaces. The problem remains. I have had our electrician run a dedicated circuit where this outlet is the only outlet on the circuit on a breaker all to its own and installed a brand new UPS. The problem remains. So there, I have tried 3 different computers, 2 different operating systems, 3 different monitors, 3 different video interfaces along with different cabling to rule out any possible hardware, cabling, firmware, software and/or virus issues. I have tried 2 different UPSs and provided a dedicated circuit and verified proper grounding. The problem still persists. I have witnessed the monitor lose signal while I was sitting at the end-users desk not even operating the computer. Its almost as if this office is possessed. I have scoured the internet for same/similar issues to no avail. Dell/HP are not of any help because I don't have any error code to report and this problem has not isolated itself to one brand or the other or to any specific piece of hardware. I have never had a video problem be so evasive. I have been working in IT since 1980. Not new to the game. Am I perhaps missing something? I welcome any/all thoughts and/or suggestions. Thank you in advance for your responses.

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    With all the switching of cables/interfaces/etc., did you by chance have a second monitor in use with any of the tried configs to see if both monitors went into 'No Input' at the same time? Or even more basic, when you first describe restarting the PC as the only way to get video back, you never stated whether turning the monitor itself on/on?? (And yes, I realise that's stretching!) From the original symptom, I'd've gone for the video cabling or any VGA-to-DVi or VGA-to-Display port adapters as the first culprits, if installed. Are we sure a cat's not stepping on anything? What software app is normally being used when this manifests? Based on what you've done, that's the only thing that comes to mind.

    As you wrote, this makes no sense as-is.
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      Did not try with dual monitors to see if both monitors go into "No Input". I'll try that next. When rebooting the computer to restore the video I did not power off/on the monitor. Left it on and connected. The reboot restores the video. I have not video adapters in play. There are no cats/pets on premises. This is a law enforcement agency. Cabling between monitor and computer falls behind the credenza/desk that the computer resides on and does not reach the floor. Nothing interfering with the cabling including the secretary's feet. Primary software application used besides Microsoft Office 2010 Standard is EMC Application Xtender v6.5 which is a DIM (Document Image Management) program. We are using this application in multiple places throughout the agency with no issues. We have been using this application for several years so it is not a new application.


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        Low level troubleshooting, but have you tried:
        a) a different monitor with that PC
        b) the monitor with a different PC
        (basically trying to find one or the other as the root of the problem)

        Also, can you please consider paragraphing your posts as a continuous block of text is very hard to interpret
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