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  • Office XP Registration Question

    I have a laptop and lost my reinstallation cd for windows xp, so I had to get a new copy of xp (the university gives engineering kids free keys). I'm guessing that because my Office XP was previously registered under the old cd key, it will not let me register it under this one. Do any of your articles cover a method to remedy this? I tried calling the number provided for registering by phone but that did not work very well. lol.

    Wondering why I didn't just order a new reinstallation cd?

    Becuase dell is the worst company ever made. And after wasting 5 hours at a time for 3 days, I gave up.

    You wait in the que for an hour and then you get transfered to another and then that department is the wrong one and then they transfer you to another and either it's wrong too or it drops you or they send you somewhere like canada and then you just get sick and die waiting for "john" to tell you his name is really punjab and that Dell is forcing him to change his name which is totally a violation of basic human rights.