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Putty - Transfer of settings off old (non-bootable) HD

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  • Putty - Transfer of settings off old (non-bootable) HD


    I have an (non-bootable) Win7 HD with settings from Putty I need on my new PC. Each read of the drive produces more and more bad blocks with each use. There are settings on several hundred nodes I need off that drive for Putty.

    I know Putty settings are in the registry, so how do I pull the info off the old HD without actually booting it?


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    Place the drive in a different PC as a slave drive. This article describes the location of the files that make up the registry:

    I've never tried to read these files so don't know how user-friendly these files are, but hopefully you'll be able to extract the info you need.
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      I would:

      1. Copy the windows\system32\config folder off the failing hard drive
      2. Open the registry editor on the new computer
      3. Highligh HKLM -> click file -> select Load Hive (see pic)
      4. Browse to the config folder you copied off the bad hard drive and select SOFTWARE
      5. Locate the Putty settings and export them, then import them into your computer's HKLM hive.


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