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Strange USB issue

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  • Strange USB issue

    First off hello to everyone, this is my first post here. Right off the bat asking for help.

    I just returned home from the hurricane and I had my PC disassembled for roughly 4 weeks. I put everything back together and am getting it going, but when I plugged in my USB Hard drive and CD burner it locked up my machine.

    I rebooted about 40 times before the monitor would even show anything. At first I thought the hard drive went out. But the 41rst time it caught. It recognized my drive and CD. Well I shut it down and the same thing occurred as before. I have never had this type of thing happen. especially with a USB piece of hardware

    Here is something that I saw in the system/device manager file:

    I think all those USB entries are from when I was putting this thing together 3 years ago. Not sure. But the yellow icons were not there be for I went out of town. this is what it says by clicking on the yellow icons for properties:
    This device cannot start. (Code 10)
    It says this for all three. I am not familiar what code 10 means.

    I tried to update driver but it says the driver is good.

    I am going to shut down and try it again when I get through here. Hopefully the devices will register. But if not can anyone tell me a sure fire way to get them to be recognized without shutting down the PC. Usually the USB icon pops up when something is plugged into it. But it is even missing in the tray.

    I am running XP SP2


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    Re: Strange USB issue

    Well heck. I just shut down and started and it went off without a hitch. Maybe my PC is getting as old and tired as I am.

    But if anyone could answer the latter part I would appreciate. Itr may work from now on, may not.



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      Re: Strange USB issue

      is that a pci card acting as a usb hub?
      are/were your devices connected to that card?
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        Re: Strange USB issue

        Some possible reasons why you may have a Code 10.

        If the USB device is an add-in card (PCI), then it might be worth removing it from the slot and then re-insert it.

        More info about your system may be of some help in determining a reason for your problem.
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