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    Hello. I'm pretty new at being a webmaster, and i am managing a big website with over 15,000 pages. I'm looking for a good disaster recovery solution. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    A tiny clue what platform it is on would be useful
    If IIS / WIndows Server, you have the free Windows Server Backup available, or a raft of commercial products
    If something else, tell us what

    Is the server Physical or Virtual?
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      Hey , thanks for replying. The server is Virtual - go.daddy. I hope it's the right answer


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        Originally posted by KendallWyatty View Post
        Hey , thanks for replying. The server is Virtual - go.daddy. I hope it's the right answer
        No, that's not the right answer. What Operating System does this virtual server run? Linux? Windows? What web server platform is it running? IIS? LAMP? We need a lot more technical detail if we're to offer you constructive guidance.


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          Are you using (You state go.daddy)
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            Hi Ossian, got all the info from the tech team (Windows server, IIS 6, SQL etc') but it seems I was a step behind them. What I was mainly worried about was downtimes as one occured on my first week here, but I was now told by the IT that they are already using [MOD EDIT] solution. It did not kick in because our domain was pointing at the wrong IP (deployment instead of production server) since a new site version was launched but they fixed it now so it should work (though I hope it would not be necessary )

            Thanks anyhow! I appreciate you trying to help.
            I'm new to all of this so you might hear more from me in the future :P
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              Building a disaster recovery plan is complex. And while you have likely identified and sent the data that is most critical to a secure, offsite location, thereís still the matter of retrieval to consider. If you canít be sure your program will enable you to get your data back in the required SLAs, then youíll be significantly increasing your chances of failing to comply with a number or internal and external regulations.


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                Thankyou for the solutions